March 21, 2013 | Posted in:Sports Car

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to sum it up in short its a poor man’s lambo ,but still worth every penny and more reliable than an RX8. The Toyota celica makes a great second car but everyday use its not the best.

Love it : Its very fast ,pretty from all angles ,its also a little different from the other sports cars.Who needs a lambo anyway.

Hate it : Bit chaotic in the wet weather ,very slidey in poor conditions ,fuel costs can hurt .Practicality is an issue.Little bit dated now.


Ok so well all love fast & fun cars .I bet most of you have never considered the Celica vvtli model . this is far better than the standard 140BHP version and a lot rarer . I owed one which was a Japanese import and realised you could push it past its limits and it will still keep going. I love the fact no matter how much you rev the engine you find it won’t let you down. This car has its own personality (thinking about quite a few jap cars do) Treat it with respect and your be happy for a long time . Just don’t push it in the wet as i did and was sandwiched between trees in a ditch . Not my proudest moment but the old girl lived on .

If you have a family then don’t bother getting one as your never get kids in the back of it.However if your a single person after a little bit of cost effective fun then get hunting for one as ¬†you be disappointed .

toyota celica 190

toyota celica 190

tips to avoid: avoid the black and the dark blue paint job .one trip to the car wash ruins the look of it . Go for a red or yellow and keep up on waxing it .Trust me your look the bees knees.This toyota celica 190 review is based on my thoughts from my own experience and yours may vary .

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